Monday, June 30, 2014

Lazy Day

I was supposed to go on a study this morning, but she just called and asked me to come tomorrow afternoon instead, so I have nothing to do right now. That means you get a random post and an invitation.

We have been seeing all these great photos from the regional and international conventions going on right now. They make me a little homesick, and jealous- our convention is in October. I love how big the conventions are in the States, and some of the stats we have seen are amazing! (Ex: Over 30,000 in attendance, 200 baptized at one convention) That is so encouraging to see!

A couple from our congregation are at an international in Texas right now. We made these cute little magnets for them to take as gifts. This is the picture we used.


We hear that the construction at the Norco Assembly Hall is complete, or nearly there. I would love to see the finished product, if anyone has pictures. Also, for those of you who have been busy working there the last several months, if you are wondering what to do next- Come to Honduras! 
We have congregations in English, Spanish, Sign Language, Miskito and Garifuna, so you could have your pick and we would all love to have visitors.

Speaking of visitors, we are going to pick up a couple from the airport this afternoon. We haven't met them yet, but our congregation is very excited.

I had a really nice study last week. She's seeing the importance of preparing the material ahead of time now. She even read the cited scriptures ahead of time, so when I would say ok let's read this, she would tell me about it before we read it. We also started watching one of our videos- the one on the Bible. It is broken up into three sections, so last week we watched the first part. The whole time she was really into it, and even was making comments like "Wow" and her face registered surprise about certain things. When the video was done, I asked if she had any questions, and she said no, but she was "really eager to watch the next part." I thought that was really nice. 

So that's all for now!

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  1. Great looking magnets! I like your experience. We can't underestimate the power of our videos. They are relaying our message in such a clear way and bible students really like the format. Thanks for sharing!