Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Circuit Assembly

Warning: This post is not filled with lots of words, because I know you really just want photos.

This past weekend we had our Circuit Assembly in El Progreso, a small town a few hours from La Ceiba. We took the bus up Friday- here's some pictures from the ride.

I think this is a palm tree farm. The trees are all in rows. I don't know what they are used for though.

The room where the Assembly is held. It's at a college. This is the view from the very front. It's a small room.

A couple days before the Assembly, a sister in one of the Spanish congregations called us. She has friends that just moved to Ceiba and wanted to go to the Assembly, so we gave her the details. Randomly talking to strangers once we get there, guess who we met? 

Brother from our hall being interviewed. 

Circuit Overseer

Dinner after the program. You can see a long table full of people in the back, also brothers and sisters. 

Bus ride home.

Kingdom Hall

Some stats:
Assembly attendance: Approx 170 (Only the congregations in Honduras)
Total Circuit: 590 Publishers
About 38% of our circuit (all four countries) are Pioneers

Also- Exciting News! Our first visitors just booked their flights! Yay! 

The next post is going to be about a really good talk we had at the Assembly. Stay tuned...

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  1. Hello Robynn so I joined and started a blog of my own. not sure how often I will find time to write on it but maybe some insights into pioneering with children. (its madness).