Monday, May 7, 2012

Vacation Day

We didn't do anything for our anniversary last month. Well, I lie, we went to Pizza Hut and it was very exciting. 
But since we celebrated in such a spectacular fashion, we decided to go to a local hotel yesterday so we could go swimming and have an actual air conditioner. It was awesome. Here's some pictures. If you sit through them, I'll tell you a story about how we were amazingly brave....well, sorta.

The view of the pool from our room. Yes, that's the beach in the background. It was so nice to have the window open and listen to the waves crashing on the shore.
The pool area. 

 Zach's beautiful steak dinner. Doesn't it look good?
Some pretty flowers on the property.

Zach walking on the beach this morning.

You skipped the pictures and went right to this part, didn't you?
So here is how we were (sorta) brave. The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach in the Zona Viva- the party district which is generally dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that the hotel has armed guards patrolling their section of the beach 24/7. It's not usually a good idea to go down there. But down there we went, and first thing this morning we went out on the beach before anybody else was up. Well, the armed guard was there, so I guess we weren't technically all alone. But that's not the brave part. We....went in the water. GASP! I know, we will probably end up with horrible parasites now. 

Sigh, ok, Zach just told me I'm exaggerating a bit. We did go in the water, but we only walked in it, so I doubt we will actually get sick. Plus we were upcurrent (is that even a word?) from where the nasty black water hits the ocean, so I'm sure it was fine. We'll let you know if it turns out otherwise. 

Actually, you probably don't want to know that.


  1. How will you ever survive life in your cramped hot apartment now? :-P That view from the hotel looked wonderful! Well lets hope and pray you didn't have any cuts on your feet for the water to go in. I don't want you bringing anything here when you come. :-)

  2. Love your blog! I am making plans to travel to Honduras and your blog helps me to see what life will really be like. Can't wait to see your next post! Maybe we can meet sometime :)
    Your Sister
    Aliviah-Washington State American Sign Language

    1. Hi Aliviah,
      Thanks for reading. That's so cool that you are in ASL. Zach used to do ASL back in Cali. You will love Honduras when you visit. If you want any information, just let me know. We'll be happy to help!


  3. Replies
    1. Out of curiousity, what part of Honduras are you planning to visit? Are you going to help the sign congregation?

  4. I'm in the process of getting my letter and the recommendation letter from my elders ready to send. In the letter I am asking if a ASL group in Danli needs help. Theirs a new part of the website where you can see all congs./groups and their meeting times, which is how I found out about it. Honduras has its own Sign Language but the group in Danli is the only American Sign Language in Honduras. But, if the Branch responds saying that there is more need for support in English or Spanish or even Honduran Sign Language I am open. There is a HSL or I think its actually LSH(Lengua de senas de Honduras :)) in La Ceiba I think. I don't have any connections so... That was probably a lot more explanation than you asked for but now you have the whole story hehe

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