Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long Week

This week was so long, and yet, I'm thinking it's Monday already. So go figure.
We had CO visit, which was really nice. This was their last visit to our hall, which makes me sad because I really like them, even though we just met last weekend. They travel all over Central America, visiting the different English congregations. I bet that's such an amazing experience. I would love to get to do something like that some day.

We had them over for lunch, which was a lot of fun. As you can see, the brother was so tired he just had to use our hammock.

Service this week has been productive. I finally got a call at home that I have been trying to get for a few weeks now. We are supposed to sit down this week and demonstrate a Bible Study.
My other lady at the hair salon is telling me to come back next week as well. She finally has a copy of the book so that's progress. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with her, because the language barrier is so great. She was able to tell me that the reason I haven't found her is because she's been "ditching work." All the English you don't know, and that's the phrase you do? Then again, Zach and I know a lot of unnecessary Nepali phrases so who are we to judge?
I met a really nice man this afternoon who spoke fluent English. He reads the Bible and goes to church occasionally. He wanted a copy of the Bible Teach book, but didn't want any commitments of people coming by and talking to him. So we told him where the Kingdom Hall is, and that he can come by anytime if he has questions.

It's so quiet right now. This past week has been Carnival, which means loud music and parades and fireworks at all times of the night. But right now, Sunday afternoon, it's quiet, which means the birds are chirping and not too many cars are driving by. It was actually silent here once, I didn't like that. It was spooky.

I'm kinda sad. The District Conventions are starting up, and we don't have ours for another 4 months. How will I ever survive without the new releases? Hard to believe we will be home in less time than that. I don't know how we will adapt again, we are so used to life here. That's why we are coming back down, I guess.

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