Thursday, May 14, 2015

We're alive!!!!

It has been three months since my last post and I know some of you probably have been thinking we died, so you'll be relieved to hear that is not the case.
We have been so so busy lately I just haven't had time,  and now it's been so long I can't remember most of what's happened.  Oops. So, an abbreviated version of events.

We left off with all the visitors coming. Well, they came and it was awesome. Some are planning to come back, we're excited about that. Most have gone home now,  but we will get some more in the next month or so. Right now our congregation is looking a little small again.

A small experience to share.  A family that was visiting was able to come because the husband got a work hiatus, which in itself was totally unexpected.  But he had to be back by a specific date (to keep the job, I think), so they could only stay two months.  Well, two months are coming to an end and they are really enjoying it here and no one wants them to go, so we are all praying if there is a way they can stay. He gets an email from his boss, we don't need you back yet, stay a bit longer. Okay, if you insist. I think Jehovah answers prayers, don't you?

They also said something that I found really interesting and encouraging. They have always wanted to do something like need-greating, but felt they had to wait until the right time. Due to the work situation, they had the opportunity but didn't feel like they were ready and weren't sure if they should. Obviously they did come, and they were definitely blessed for that decision. I think a lot of us can feel that way, we might have a perception of what a (fill in the blank) should be like or what our circumstances should be, and therefore we might not reach out for the experiences and privileges that we could. Even if we don't think we are in the ideal situation or ready, that's okay, try anyway. In this system, you probably won't ever have perfect circumstances, and if you wait, you'll miss out.

You guys know who you are, and come back quickly!

Ok, so in March, we finally made it to Belize. We did our visa run there for a week. A week that was supposed to be super relaxing. It was not. The town was really small and cute and quiet, and we got to see Zach's cousins who live there, so that was nice. But basically everything that could go wrong did, including getting puked on a bit by a total stranger and losing Zach's wallet with all his cards and license in it. You'd be surprised how many shops and policemen are willing to take photocopies of identification here.

The congregation in Placencia is really big for such a small area, they had around 50 at the midweek meeting. There was a number of visitors from Honduras that week, so we got to meet sisters in our country that we might not have met otherwise. Plus, we got to hear our first bit of Kriol, which is just fun.

After that, we had our CO visit and the Memorial. We had about 50 in attendance, which was really impressive considering the timing. In April,  there is a celebration called Semana Santa. It's supposed to be religious, but is basically like Carnival or Marti Gras. On Friday (the day of the Memorial) is a specific holiday, and nobody works, including the busses, which are the main mode of transportation for many. It's generally a crazy day where no one goes out unless they are partaking in the festivities,  so to have that many come out after dark for the Memorial really impressed me.

We then took a road trip where nothing bad happened. That was the first one ever. We loaded up and drove out to Copan for a week and really got to explore this time. If they ever get an English group started, we may have to move.

Recently, the brother who normally goes to the prisons each week went on vacation,  so Zach went to fill in for him. Normally he takes other brothers so Zach hasn't been to the prison for a very long time. Well,  when he gets there,  he sees an old study of his from the first time we came down in 2012. We thought he had been released since before we went back to the States he was expecting to get out soon and go home to the islands, but unfortunately that's not the case. He was very happy to see Zach,  and has started studying again.

Since then, it's been service and work and repeat.

One of my favorite things about being here is all the people you get to meet. People come from all over the world, so you get to see how international the brotherhood is, and you get to meet many missionaries, special pioneers,  bethelites, etc. This week we got a phone call, hey a couple are visiting from the Central America Branch, can you show them around? Okay! We'd never met this couple before, had some language difficulties, and yet now we have new friends in another country, and a new place to visit. Where else can you have that kind of bond after only a few hours?

We have our assembly coming up at the end of the month, and then right after, we are heading back to the States for the summer. I'm a little excited because it's really, really hot here -not as hot as Nicaragua tho, aren't you guys jealous- and this week it snowed in Colorado. Also, Trader Joe's.

I'm sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I know that's what you really wanted, but I'm writing this in an app which doesn't seem to want me to upload pics. So we will have to do a strictly pic post or three later to make up for the last few months of nothing. 

Also, I did update the job resources page, so if you are looking for a way to support yourself from a country far, far away, see what's new.

Okay. Hasta luego, buenas noches, see you later, or soon for some of you.

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  1. Trying to make us cry?? Miss you guys!! Safe travels back to the States. :)