Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Busy Busy

Hello everybody! Thanks for all your concern, I'm all recuperated.
We've been really busy lately. Lots of new people have come to visit and we've had lots of things happening with our studies.

This weekend we have the Assembly, and Zach's parents are coming to visit. Very excited!

We have three sisters that came in this week, one from Germany and two from England. In a few weeks, families from New Zealand, Oregon, and a brother from Los Angeles are coming. I think there might be others, I'm not sure. Everyone is staying between a month and a year. All in our extra bedroom. Ok, maybe not.

The sisters all have return visits or studies already. One didn't even have to go out in service to get it!

We had a funny experience the other day. Zach took me to see a lady he had met before, and she right away says "O I'm sorry,  I haven't read the magazines you gave me, I gave them to my son.  But you can come in and we'll have a little study." Used those actual words. So we went in and indeed had a little study. 

Here's some recent photos. You may have seen them on IG already.

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