Friday, May 23, 2014

My Parents Are Visiting!

Last Saturday we drove up to San Pedro Sula to pick up some very special visitors and a new roommate.

Yes, my Mom and Dad! And what is my mom holding in her arms? Could it be? I think it could! My Kitty!
As you might imagine, I am very excited.

The weather has not been very kind to them so far though. When they left Colorado, it was snowing. Yes, in May. So far we have had massive amounts of rain and very hot sun. Bit of a change.

We have gone out in service the last few days, which has been fun. We're still trying to get them comfortable with yelling at the doors, but they have the Spanish presentation down pretty well. Here's some pictures.

This hill was a lot steeper than it looks.

Dad taking advantage of the shade.

You could see the ocean from the top of this hill.

Mom and Zach at a door.

Next week we are taking off to Roatan, then we have the Special Assembly. More pictures to come later.

PS- The new roommate is the cat.

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