Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nicaragua and How I Almost Got Rabies

Back to Nicaragua to meet up with some friends. At the border, we manage to lock our keys in the car and discover this just as the cop is coming to inspect it. Awesome. But we finally make it to Granada.

This is Lake Nicaragua. Apparently you can't actually swim in it, because of the pollution. On the other hand, there are also sharks in this lake, so maybe that's a good thing.

We met up with some friends one night for dinner on the bay. They have all been in their assignments a lot longer than us, so it was nice to hear their experiences.

Plus we got to spend some time with another awesome friend from Pioneer School and visit the English congregation there. 

So- how I got almost got rabies. The hotel we were staying at was a little dirty, so one night I thought I heard a mouse running around, digging in the trash. No big deal, mice are everywhere. I got up in the morning, didn't see any evidence of anything, forgot about it. Well the next night, I hear the same noise, but a lot closer to me. So I turn on the light.....there is a bat on the bed about a foot from my face crawling at me. Ok, I'm awake. We checked out of the hotel that morning.

Anyway, we made it home without too many mishaps. The last border crossing was awesome, we got through in about 20 minutes. After talking to the CO, apparently that's the one they have the most trouble with, so go figure. We had an unexpected stop in Siguatepeque for a few days, and had to leave the car there. But we found a really nice mechanic who drove us all the way home, and we get to pick up the car next week.

We are safe and sound. We got to do almost everything we set out to, and were able to see lots of friends. We definitely had an adventure, but I couldn't tell you about all of it or there would have to be way more posts. But next time, I think we will just take the boat to Belize. It's a lot easier.


  1. Wow, Zach and Robynn, Charley and Rachel, Shelina and Shawn! All "famous" need-greater bloggers! Doesn't it feel great to be with those who understand at least a little of what you are going through? Wish we could have joined you. :)

    A Missionary's Life

  2. P.S. Yeah, watch out for those bats... I hear they carry Ebola. ;)

  3. Wow A lifetime of experiences in a short time and many new friends. Can't wait to meet some of them next month

  4. We had so much fun with you guys! Glad you made it home safely. If it makes you feel better, last week I woke up and scratched my stomach just to find it was a GIGANTIC COCKROACH on me!!!! Not the most relaxing way I've ever woken.