Tuesday, February 11, 2014

March Awake!

So, it's almost March, which means you should have your March Awake. If not, go download it here. I'll wait.

Ok, got it?
Did you notice the article on El Salvador? Our friendly neighbors to the West and slightly South?

So Omigoodness Pupusas! I don't remember the last time an Awake article has made me hungry. Thankfully, I can get them here. If you haven't had pupusas before, seriously, Google a restaurant near you. You do not want to miss out. Also, eat with your hands. Tastes so much better that way (like most food, actually.)

Now.. look at the pictures in the article. Now look at these pictures. Of course, the ones in the Awake are so much better. But it's the same places! The same lake and the same volcano.

Even a coffee plantation.

I thought that was really cool, usually the places featured in the magazines seem so far away and exotic, but this time, it's somewhere we have been. Practically our backyard, in fact.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.

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