Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mazapan, Not Marzipan

I know you were promised a story about the immigration office, but here we are anyway...

It's not raining anymore. It's actually a bit of a bummer. Everyone we know is having freezing cold, snowy weather, and our winter lasted a week, That said, if you are sick of your winter, now would be a lovely time to come visit.

We have started working on a territory that hasn't been canvassed yet. We weren't sure if there would be many English-speaking people, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a good number of ones to speak to. We haven't even come close to finishing that territory either, so I'm sure we will find more.

We had a really cute experience too. There were a few young boys that were eager to help us. They didn't speak English, but they knew people who did, so they took us to their houses and stayed there with us. They kept asking us "How are you?" which is likely the only phrase they knew in English, and when we would reply they would laugh and laugh. Then they started playing a game, telling us people spoke English even though they didn't.

We decided to be brave and pull out a camera for a picture, and they posed willingly. It was so adorable!

Saturday we had the maintenance at the Kingdom Hall, both inside and out. There was a lot of work to do, and in the muggy heat that day, it was very tiring. Once again, we got complimented on how well we sweat. At least, I think it's a compliment, not really sure anymore. But we had such a wonderful reward. While the congregation was working, a literature delivery came in. And guess what was in it? Our new Bibles! Now every publisher in our congregation has one. It was very touching, a new publisher in our hall has never had his own copy of the Bible, because they ran out long ago. So he got the very first one of out the box. He was really happy. Today at meeting we all got to use them for the first time. We didn't take a picture though, because y'all already know what they look like. 

Here's a random picture that you might get a kick out of.

Just a reminder, calls, emails, and texts are always welcome. So are visits. Remember, flights are not as expensive as you would think, and we live on the beach. Also, we will feed you breadfruit.

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