Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RBC Update

Today I am back at the Assembly Hall project. Well, not exactly "back at" cause I feel as if I never leave. I'm really kinda upset we didn't move our trailer down here. It would be so much fun. When we were in New Orleans, my biggest goal in life was to live in a trailer on-site. Sigh...maybe next project.

Anyway, here are some photos of the progress today.

The Safety Department moved in next to our tent today. It's nice to have neighbors with a constant supply of cold water.

 This used to be the front of a Kingdom Hall. You can totally tell, right?

This is what the lunchroom looks like right now.

Sister hard at work making dinner...

And this is where the kitchen will be moving to in two weeks when the real demo starts.

The sea of trailers

The last photo is a brother on the kitchen crew. He has been all around the world with Disaster Relief and Construction work. He was interviewed at lunch a couple weeks ago, and it was very encouraging to hear. He said the reason he has been able to do so much is availability. He has never said no to an invitation and Jehovah has always given him the circumstances to make it work out. I thought that was a great example for us. How often do friends say they wish they could do something, but they don't have the circumstances? Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith, and Jehovah will work out the details. 

Status Update:
34 and 46 days til Colorado and Honduras respectively.
Still have to sell the car. Or total it. You know, whatever works.
I'm actually trying to learn Spanish. Hablo espanol un poco y entiendo muy poco.
We might start taking a TEFL course so we can teach English online.
I'm currently on a Southeast Asia kick. Trying to convince Zach but...one project at a time.

I think that's it.
It's dinnertime on-site and everyone has disappeared into the dining room. Must be something good. It always is. 


  1. Yeah, total your car - that worked out really well for us. You have to make sure you don't actually hurt anyone or get hurt there. It's a tricky business!

  2. The brother who travels for the RBC reminded me of something they told us Gilead students on the first day of class. The instructor said "You are not here because you are the most spiritual and you are not here because you are the best teachers but you are the most available." Way to keep you humble and really put things in perspective. Jehovah uses those who make themselves available to him and it might not always be in the way that we think. Keep staying available!

    A Missionary's Life