Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Warning- Today is a rambling sort of day

My parents are fine. *Big sigh of relief*

It's been fun being back on an RBC project full time this week. Parts of the assembly hall are getting torn down to build back up as something new. I don't really know the specifics, but it's a huge project. They are doing demo right now, which reminds me of the days in New Orleans where we just mangled and destroyed everything. I miss my sleep, but I already know so many new people. This is going to make the time until we leave fly by.

Speaking of leaving, I'm getting really nervous for some reason. Maybe because it feels more permanent this time, or because we are still unsure of how it will all work out? I don't know, but it's kinda annoying. I want to be excited. Not trepidatious. That's my word of the day. Actually, that's my word of the day many my word of a lifetime I guess.

Also, there is so much to do before we go, and so little time to do it. 87 days, most of which are scheduled full already. I still have to get my new passport and do all that fun stuff that comes with a legal name change. I have to wait to get my new driver's license for a lot of it, and that went to our Colorado address, and for obvious reason, my mom has been too busy to send it to me...Anyway, there's doctor visits (but hopefully no shots this time), banking issues (like do I need to get a new bank down there and why is HSBC so fee-happy), meetings, vet appointments (I am still determined to bring the cat with us), and my favorite part- the random purging of stuff that we can't take with us (but I'm keeping my shoes, all my shoes).

Plus, we really need to sell the car. Being inexperienced in this sort of thing, we don't know if we should list it now, and chance not having a car for a few weeks/months, or list it later and possibly not be able to sell it before we leave. I've finally been talked out of driving the car down to Honduras, on the grounds that it would be a silly thing to do when we have already bought plane tickets.

I think I'm over-thinking it. I usually do.

You've done such a nice job of listening to me, I'm going to reward you with a classic Zach and Robynn picture. In case you've forgotten what we look like.

That one always makes me laugh. Here's another picture, this one of a church in St. Louis. See if you can spot the interesting feature.

Did you see it? The Tetragrammaton is written above the pillars. 

And because I've got RBC on the brain, here is a picture of me in my little-known super hero role- 
SAFETY GIRL!!! Not appearing- my sidekick BANDAID BOY!!!!

(Can you tell I've been going through the pictures on my computer?)

I have the #2 talk tomorrow, on how can a person become known to Jehovah. The research material for it is very interesting. I'm also a bit nervous about this, it's my first talk in 8 months, and it's in the front school. But I have another talk in two weeks too, so I better get over the nervousness fast.

I'm reminded of that phrase "it never rains but it pours." We had nothing going on for so long, and now everything is going on all at once.

Poor Zach, he's been without a car all week. He had to walk to the Kingdom Hall for the meeting for field service yesterday. It's only about 1.5 miles, but we have not kept up with our walking everywhere since we have been stateside. I guess it's about time we prepare for that. Although the KH in Honduras moved, so now it's closer to where we will be living.

Anyway...I think I'll go to bed now.

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  1. My advice would be to open a checking account with Capital One 360. There are no fees or charges, and if you get a Capital One credit card too they don't charge you anything for using it out of the country. Either that, or Charles Schwab - they even refund you if an ATM out of the country charges you for getting money out!