Friday, May 24, 2013

Exciting News!!!!

As you probably know, the decision of when to leave for Honduras has weighed heavily on our minds as of late. It has been very difficult to tread the line of "counting the cost" while also trying to rely on Jehovah and not on ourselves. Living here in California also has made it easy to get distracted from our goals. Thankfully, we have the encouraging visit of the Circuit Overseer this week and we have been able to discuss our plans with him. He had some very good advice for us, and this helped us to make a decision. 

So....we have booked our flight for Honduras. We leave September 14.

It feels so good to have an actual plan of action now. If this plan works out the way we hope, Jehovah willing, we will be able to stay in Central America full time. 

And you know what this means. We will be down there during the super rainy season, which makes us ridiculously happy for some reason. I think we envision water up to our waists carrying us off, never to be heard from again. I don't know if it actually gets that bad, but how cool would it be, right?

Anyway...we are headed off to Colorado next week to visit my parents and go to the Convention. Should have some good pictures. Road Trip!

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  1. Sweet! You will never regret your decision! Congrats :-)