Sunday, September 9, 2012


Day two of the district convention. I don't feel it's a spoiler alert to tell that we got two new releases, since we are the last English convention anywhere that I know of. I really like the pictures, just skimmed the articles so far. Can't wait to sit down and actually read them. Already know what today and tomorrow releases are too, thanks to having gone to the Sunday session already.
It's nice to be here with Zachs sister and spend time with her, since we see each other so rarely. But I feel really lost in this huge crowd of people. It's the largest convention we have been to in years, and is especially overwhelming coming from Honduras with a small congregation and not seeing many people period.
This weekend or friends have the convention in El Salvador, so it's nice to be doing something together even if there is a bit of land difference between us. I saw a picture that a friend from El Salvador took yesterday, a little sister from Honduras was featured in it. Such a small world, it was nice to feel connected for that brief moment.
The one really nice thing about being in a big crowd is singing. Everyone is so loud and in harmony, it sounds beautiful. That's always been my favorite part.

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