Friday, August 3, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Last night we went out for a last dinner with one of the sisters here. It was really nice, but once again, we got rained out. The power went off at the restaurant for a little bit. By the time we got out, the streets were flooded. So did we go home? No, we caught a taxi to the mall and walked around there while the streets continued to get worse. Always thinking of the smart thing to do, we are.

When we did decide to go home, there was a huge line waiting for taxis. At the mall, only certain taxis are allowed to work, and all of them were busy so we had to wait a while. Finally we got tired of that and decided to just walk out to the street and grab a cab. What we didn't realize was this meant treading through water up to our calves and getting completely soaked. Then we couldn't actually get a cab to stop for us. So we are standing out there, getting wetter and wetter and cars are driving by and splashing us. We stopped one taxi, and he told us he didn't want to go where we were headed. Thought that was strange, but when we did catch a cab, we found out why. The roads in our neighborhood were flooded so bad that we weren't sure we could make it through.

Thankfully we did, and got home safely. This morning, all the water was gone. They don't have drainage systems in this country from what I can tell-where does all the water go? It's very odd.

We went out to run some errands this morning, and we found the water. The really nice, really green golf course is now a swamp. If only we'd had the camera...

And people tell us December is much worse. I really, really want to see that.

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