Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nothing new under the sun

So we haven't had anything exciting happen lately. I was hunting so I didn't get out in service a lot, hence no new experiences. Zach did get a job for the next two months, which is really nice. It's a pretty easy job too.

We had the special assembly this last weekend, which was encouraging. We went to the meeting for those interested in the Bible School for Couples. Wow, do we have a lot to do before applying. It might be a while...

Right now we are just trying to focus on paying off our debt, so we are free to move on or move out or whatever have you. But that is a lot easier to do on paper than to put into practice. A few random things- like brakes for the car- come up, and next thing you know all your progress is gone. We want to move to Honduras completely debt free, which means selling Zach's car, but we don't know that we will get enough for it so we have to do something to make up the difference. I just don't know what.

We haven't heard from the branch yet, so this could all be pointless conjecture, if they decide we would do the most good where we are. But if we do get to go, there is so much to consider and do, sometimes the task seems insurmountable. 

Feeling the big words today.

I know with Jehovah's blessing it will all work out in the end, but those little details can get to a person sometimes.

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