Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hindi Service

Still in California. We went out in Hindi service with Jessica Haston, who is in the local Hindi group. Zach and I wore our Nepali outfits, which led to a funny experience.

We went into a mail stop to visit with the owners. Jessica was hoping that one of the employees would be there because he speaks Nepali. Well, he wasn't there, but it turns out that employee is related to the person there, so he called his cousin and Zach spoke to him in Nepali over the phone!

The employee (owner?) was so excited about our outfits. He kept telling us how great they look and asking questions about it. He actually wanted to get pictures of us. He didn't have a camera though, so he told his wife to bring one when she came in to work, and told us to come back.

So we came back an hour later, and sure enough, his wife brought in the camera. We got a few photos and then got to talk to them and their customers for a while.

We picked up a couple Hindi movies as well. Yay, someting to watch on the plane home! 

This has been a great trip so far, I'll be sad to come home.

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